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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get Rich from WORD CAPTCHA ! presents a different way of making you rich, from the ways I have described so far. It’s simple and fast. If you’re a good typer, you can earn hundreds of dollars. All you have to do is solve images. These are the same as the WORD CAPTCHA we get in identifying ourselves as humans in various web sites. If you are familiar with that, this is nothing much. After signing up and verifying the email address, you’ll go through a simple tutorial. Then, when you’re free, just solve images and fill your purse with bux.

By clicking the “Solve Images” in the menu on the top left corner, you start working. From the moment you clicked the button, you have to solve images. It’s bit tricky for a new user. But if you’re aware of the things you’re going to see and what you have to do, things will be much easier. So, let’s take a look at the following tips.

This image shows a sample image to solve. First recognize the words, numbers or combinations in the image and then type them in the text box below. If you’re done, hit ENTER or click on the “SUBMIT ANSWER” button. If you can’t solve the image click on “DON’T KNOW”. But, keep in mind that you don’t press “DON’T KNOW” button too much, because your account will be banned for too much of DON’T KNOWs.

Type with the correct case and make sure that you typed both images when there’re two of them. Some of the images might be partially readable as follows.

Then you have to type only the readable one ignoring the partially readable image.

If the image is completely unreadable, hit ESC or click on “DON’T KNOW”.
With all these, another thing you have to keep in mind is the timer. As in the following image, there is a timer running out for you to solve the current image. Do not let the timer run out or you’ll be kicked out.

You might think this is hard to do. It’s easy if you’re a good typer. What ? Oh ! yes. I forgot to tell you, you can take a break too. When you feel like you need a break, solve the image and click on “SUBMIT AND PAUSE” button.
How much you will earn from this depends on the work you have done and at what time you did your work. That’s because the rates for solving images are not the same throughout the day. You can check hourly payout rates from “Statistics” page.

You can check the amount you have earned, how much you need to earn to get paid and other details about your profile and financials from “Profileand Payments” page.

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