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Friday, September 14, 2012

Earn While You Chat !

If I ask “have you ever chatted online ?”, you might feel like what a dumb question is that. People chat a lot these days. Social Networks like Facebook, MySpace do a massive job in that. But have you ever considered earning while chatting? Yes! There are some ways to earn while you chat. In this article I’m going to introduce you such a site, Birejji. is a paid to chat website which pays you while you chat. Why do you chat and waste time + money, when you can earn while chatting? Among the few other paid to chat sites, is a very active community with a POT based system. While you are there, you can socialize as well as advertise your websites, share your referral links, increase traffic to your websites and many more. started in March, 2010 as MoEzMoney. But 3 months later, on 1st of June,2010 it officially launched as The owner of Birejji is Dave from Chicago, Illnois. Birejji is the community or the village in Japanese. At the beginning there were only 6 chat rooms for different languages. But later the owner developed it letting members to create their own chat rooms. However, the chat rooms are here called villages. Earnings depend on the POT of the village, which links with the activity happening in the village and the usage of that village in previous day. POT is how much you will be paid for a line with 3 or plus words.

There are many villages now in Birejji, which means you can chat a lot in different chat rooms. Some villages are created for certain purposes. However make sure you go to “MakeOnlineBux” village first because there you can learn all the basics before you blend in the community and most importantly to be unbanned or not get muted from other villages. There are a certain set of rules in some villages which users must follow if they need to be there without a problem. If anyone disobeys, the users will be warned, kicked out, muted for some time or banned by the moderators. But in MakeOnlineBux” village you can learn all those stuff without any difficulty.

They provide two methods of cash out with different minimum amount of payout.

  1. PayPal - 1.00ȼ
  2. AlertPay - 100.00ȼ

Birejji is an active social network, so you will be able to earn quite a bit of money. You might not be a millionaire from that but at least you’ll earn few bucks without even knowing it. I, personally use it rather than other messengers because it fills my pocket as well as I fill my needs.

If you are OK with financials and never want to earn few extra cash do not join !


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