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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clix Which Make Sense !

Now you’re aware of what we are doing here if you read the first article What’s In It for me ? You may know that there are web sites which pay you for viewing web sites. If you’ve never come across such a thing, you must be surprised. I’ll give you some vital information about such a site today.

ClixSense, yeah the name speaks for itself. It’s a pay per click site. After the free registration, you have to confirm your email address. Then, log into your account and follow these very simple steps.
  1. Go to “View Ads” tab.
  2. Click on the ads.
  3. Choose and click on the Cat from the five given pictures.
  4. Keep the tab opened till the countdown finishes.
  5. After the countdown finishes you’ll see a message on the top of the window informing that the money has been credited to your profile.

This is the simplest way to earn money from this site. Apart from that, they have some other ways to enrich your account. ClixSense provides a game named “ClixGrid”. You just have to click on any square of a grid of 30x20. If you’re a free member you only have 25 chances to click and for Premium members 50 chances are allowed. Each of your click will open a new web site with a countdown. After the countdown you’ll be informed whether you’ve won or not. There are no algorithms or cheat to win. It’s purely based on the luck. The more you click the more possibility of winning. They have an affiliate program too. Tell your friends to join and make them earn money while you’re having a little commission of the service you’ve done.

You can also complete the tasks provide by the ClixSense and earn more. They also provide some offer which you can complete to earn more money. After you registered, you can solve your problems in the ClixSense forums. There are ClixSense games too which you can play if you’re bored .

Don't waste your time. Join now and start earning without investing.


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